Evolution Of Human T Cell Lymphotropic Virus Type 1 (HTLV-1) Proviral Load (pvl) Over Time

Autor(es): Alline do Nascimento Gomes, Maria Fernanda Rios Grassi e Bernardo Galvão Castro Filho

Introdução: Introduction - Variations in HTLV-1-proviral load (PVL) in infected individuals over time are not well understood. Objetivo: Objective - To evaluate the evolution of proviral load in asymptomatic individuals and HAM/TSP patients in order to help determine periodicity for measuring proviral load. Metodologia: Methods - A group of 104 HTLV-1 infected patients were included in the study (70 asymptomatic and 34 HAM/TSP patients), they were followed at the HTLV reference center in Salvador, Brazil. HTLV-1 PVL was measured using Real-Time PCR at baseline and again at another point, either =12 months, between 12-24 months, or =24 months. Resultados/Resultados esperados: 24 months, or =24 months. Results - HAM/TSP patients had higher PVL (ranging from 11,041 to 317,009 copies/106 PBMC) when compared to asymptomatic individuals (ranging from 0 to 68,228 copies/106 PBMC). No statistically significant differences were observed in the medians of PVL in HAM/TSP patients or asymptomatic individuals over time. However, in asymptomatic individuals with a PVL below 50,000 copies/106 PBMC, a statistically significant two-fold increase was observed over time.

Palavras-chave: HTLV-1. proviral load HAM/TSP.

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