Brotas Academic Unit

Inaugurated in 1998, the Brotas Academic Unit has three pavilions, with modern laboratories, auditoriums, parking lots and communal areas. It is home to the Physiotherapy and Psychology degree courses, in addition to the first semesters of the Medicine course.

Within its premises, the multidisciplinary unit of Bahiana Medical Center is located. The 3,573 m² pavilion has 54 offices and six classrooms, as well as rooms for conducting exams, a clinical pathology laboratory and a surgical center. In the unit, more than 600 thousand people are attended to annually, in 32 medical specialties, and through specialized services in diverse areas of health. The space allows for students to develop through assistance activities and in services of national and international reference in care and research - such as the HTLV Carrier Service Center, the Center for Micturition Disorders in Childhood (CEDIMI), the Physical Therapy Clinics (CAFIS), Psychology (SEPSI) and Occupational Therapy (Serto), among others.

At the Brotas Academic Unit, students also have access to the Ombudsman office, Social Work Department and the Psychopedagogical Attention Center. The library, open to students and collaborators, has more than four thousand titles - about 30 thousand copies.

In a green space of 5115 m², the Rectory house is nestled. There are several technical administrative centers sheltered there, in addition to the Center for the Development of Technologies in Education (CEDETE), responsible for the entire Virtual Learning Environment (AVA). As Bahiana is associated with the Telemedicine University Network (RUTE) and the National Network of Teaching and Research (RNP), CEDETE also transmits videoconferences and web conferences in partnership with health and education institutions from all over Brazil and the world. Using state-of-the-art equipment, it is possible to transmit, for example, high-complexity surgeries, in real time, allowing for visualization of the procedures without antecedents.

Cabula Academic Unit

The Cabula Academic Unit hosts degree courses in Biomedicine, Physical Education, Nursing, Medicine and Dentistry. Its vast area, set in a carefully preserved 70,000 m² green space, is used in the main events of the institution - such as the Scientific and Cultural Exhibition, the Pedagogical Forum, the Nursing, Biomedicine and Dentistry Conferences, the selective processes and the reception ceremonies for freshmen. The Unit has 411 parking spaces, a social center and three auditoriums, with a total capacity for 469 people.

It is in Cabula where most Bahiana laboratories are located (Anatomy, Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences, Nursing Skills, Microscopy, Clinical Parasitology, First Aid and Preclinical Laboratory) and where teaching and scientific research activities are developed.

This area is also home to the Bahiana Dental Center, which draws more than 15 thousand annual visits, providing undergraduate and graduate students with hands-on activities throughout the training. With four salons, 140 stalls and three surgical offices, the unit has a professional structure for performing procedures ranging from prophylaxis to more complex surgeries, constituting one of the largest dental office complexes in the city.

In the library pavilion - where about 1,500 titles are available, with more than 12 thousand copies - there is an event space with a privileged access to the gardens of the institution where events are held throughout the year. It is in this area, where Bahiana's future Health Memorial is set to be erected. Totally open to the public, and designed to show the evolution of health in the history of mankind, it will have a section dedicated to health in Bahia and to Bahiana's own performance during its 65 years of life. The Memorial will consist of a physical and multimedia collection, whose purpose is to preserve, investigate and disseminate information in a playful and interactive way.