Prof.ª Luciana Bilitário

The Physiotherapy course is a bachelor’s degree program organized over nine semesters, with an interdisciplinary approach and total workload of 4356 hours. It is divided into theoretical activities, applied practice and supervised internships within the hospital and basic health care networks, and within community and specialized clinic attendance services. Practice activities and the course internship make up more than 60% of the total workload.

The curriculum design views health as a transverse axis linked to man’s well-being, which should be treated throughout the course of the evolutionary cycles of human life. Under supervision, students are given the chance to attend to patients directly, leaving them better prepared for the reality of the job market. In addition to their direct contact and hands-on experience with patients, social responsibility is also emphasized throughout a student’s coursework. As a result, BAHIANA’s graduating physiotherapists stand out not only for their technical and scientific acumen, but also for their humanistic, ethical, and transformative approach.