Prof.ª Dr.ª Ana Verônica Mascarenhas Batista

The Medicine program is 12-semester bachelor's degree program with 100 admissions per semester, and a total workload of 7716 hours. It includes essential contents of the biological and health sciences regarding fundamentals and the molecular and cellular bases of tissue; structure and function of organic systems/devices in normal and abnormal processes; and the determinants of the health/disease process, from an individual, group, and community perspective. It also takes from the human and social sciences viewed as indispensable knowledge for the understanding of human beings and their social, cultural, economic, behavioral, psychological, ecological, and philosophical relations; and from the medical sciences, in their specific developments and interrelationships, laid out in guiding principles and modules. For this reason, graduating doctors from BAHIANA are professional generalists who understand human beings as a result of their interaction between biopsychosocial and environmental factors, and are able to perform in all health care settings. They are trained for the service and comprehensive care of patients, family and the community, and to work with competence in multidisciplinary teams.