Prof. Urbino Tunes

The BAHIANA Dentistry course is a bachelor's degree program offering 60 vacancies per semester and a total workload of 4470 hours. Graduating dentists from BAHIANA have a solid and broad theoretical background combined with intensive laboratory and outpatient training (80% of total course hours). Performing clinical care from the 4th semester of the course in sectoral and integrated clinics and also in outside internships, including a residency in a dentistry hospital offered by very few educational institutions in Brazil, BAHIANA dentistry graduates are perceived by the labor market as a highly qualified professionals who are well-prepared for the challenges of their field.

Taking from the biological, health, human, social, and dental sciences the course seeks to develop competency through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to comprehensive healthcare at the individual and collective level, and based on scientific evidence and the epidemiological profile of the population.