Prof. Marcos Antônio Almeida Matos

The Masters of Health Technology program aims to give students a solid technical and scientific education, and the capacity to work successfully in an interdisciplinary setting in various fields of research, development and technological innovation related to the human health area. Through their research, students will evaluate, develop and improve clinical and laboratory processes, products, and health technology services that are useful as substitutes or helpers in the repair of organ failure for human systems and tissues.

Thus, the program aims to build scientific and technological knowledge accessible to many professionals from different areas, and to foster the attainment of processes, protocols, methodologies, practices, resources, products and services aimed at improving the quality of life of people who use health technology.

Target audience: Health professionals and related areas


Research Internship Special Topics in Health Technologies I
Research Methodology I Special Topics in Health Technologies II
Research Methodology II Special Topics in Health Technologies III 
Quantitative Methods I Dissertation
Quantitative Methods II Product or Article Development I, II and III
Seminars in Health Technologies (Formerly: research in health technologies) Intellectual Production
Guided Research I Field Research
Guided Research II Supervised Research I and II
Guided Research III Guided Data Analysis (optional)
Projects and Innovation in Health I Scientific Writing Workshop (optional)
Projects and Innovation in Health II Causality Research and Methods Development (optional)
Advanced Topics in Clinical Evaluation Advanced Topics in Health Innovation (optional)

- Development and improvement of health products, processes and technologies.
- Creation and application of new models of clinical and experimental evaluation tests (studies of diagnostic tests and/or the approval of tools for diagnosis and treatment, and for processes, products and services).

- Testing and evaluation of the performance of processes, services and technology products.
- Clinical and social consequences of their use.

Biological changes produced in the human body, resulting from processes, products and health technologies.

Prof. Dr. Handerson Jorge Dourado Leite 
Prof. Dr. Luis Cláudio Lemos Correia
Prof. Dr. Luiz Erlon Araújo Rodrigues
Prof. Dr. Marcos Antônio Almeida Matos
Prof. Dr. Maurício Andrade Barreto
Prof. Dr. Mittermayer Barreto Santiago
Prof.ª Dra. Alina Coutinho Rodrigues Feitosa
Prof.ª Dra. Elen Beatriz Carneiro Pinto
Prof.ª Dra. Josiane Dantas Viana Barbosa 
Prof.ª Dra. Kátia Nunes Sá
Prof.ª Dra. Marilda Castelar
Prof.ª Dra. Marta Silva Menezes
Prof.ª Dra. Martha Moreira Cavalcante Castro
Prof.ª Dra. Milena Bastos Brito
Prof.ª Dra. Patrícia Virgínia Silva Lôrdelo Garboggini
Prof.ª Dra. Tânia Christiane Ferreira Bispo
Prof. Dr. Ubirajara de Oliveira Barroso Júnior
Prof. Dr. Valter Estevão Beal