Ana Marice Ladeia

The Masters and Doctorate in Human Health program aims to prepare a multidisciplinary team for an integral approach to health with regard to their biopsychosocial aspects. It provides training for teaching, research, and care, not only for physicians, but also for teachers and researchers. The creation of the Master's degree and Doctorate in Medicine and Human Health culminated in 2005, with the obtaining of the Brazilan Ministry of Education and Culture’s (MEC) highest qualification.

Target audience: Health professionals

Masters and Doctorate
Critical Evaluation of Scientific Evidence in Human Health I, II and III
Methodological Bases for the Preparation of Scientific Articles (optional)
Teaching I
Teaching II
Clinical Research Methodology 
Quantitative Methods I
Quantitative Methods II
Guided Research I, II and III
Retrovirology - HIV and AIDS (optional)
Ethics and Bioethics
Qualitative Methods in Health (optional)


MEDICAL CLINIC: Obesity, Atherothrombosis, Diffuse Connective Tissue Diseases and Associated Comorbidities, Kidney Diseases, Urinary Disorders and Associated Comorbidities , Pathologies Associated with Cystic Fibrosis and Falcemia, Treatment of High Blood Pressure and Diagnostic Methods of Cardiovascular Diseases, Immunoregulation in Intracellular Microorganism Infections, Women´s Health.
Prof.ª Ana Marice Ladeia
Prof.ª Constança Margarida Sampaio Cruz
Prof. Dr. Gilson Soares Feitosa Filho
Prof. Dr. Luis Cláudio Lemos Correia
Prof.ª Dra. Maria de Lourdes Lima de Souza e Silva
Prof. Dr. Mário Seixas Rocha 
Prof.ª Dra. Milena Bastos Brito
Prof. Dr. Mittermayer Barreto Santiago
Prof.ª Dra. Patrícia Virgínia Silva Lôrdelo Garboggini
Prof. Dr. Ubirajara de Oliveira Barroso Júnior

HUMAN VIROLOGY: Epidemiology of the Hepatitis C Virus, Co-infection with HIV and HTLV and Associated Diseases, Epidemiology and Prophylaxis of HTLV and HIV and Associated Diseases.
Prof. Dr. Bernardo Galvão Castro-Filho
Prof. Dr. Ney Cristian Amaral Boa Sorte
Prof.ª Dra. Maria Fernanda Rios Grassi 
Prof. Dr. Marcos Antônio Almeida Matos

NEUROSCIENCES: Clinical and Epidemiologic Issues Associated with Pain; Epidemiology and Clinical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Issues of Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases.
Prof. Dr. Marcos Antônio Almeida Matos
Prof.ª Dra. Kátia Nunes Sá
Prof.ª Milena Pondé