Our mission is to open doors for a global dialogue that fosters collaboration and cultural exchange between students and in the field of health.

If you study in a Graduate or Undergraduate program at another country and you want to take advantage of our programs for international students, you can enroll in any extension practice of an Experiential Education, also in a Visiting Research Student program or attend to our Extension Courses, including Portuguese as a Second Language (PSL).

In doing so, you can have experiential learnings in health care, community health promotion and education activities, and/or interact with our research groups.

This is an opportunity to enrich your academic life in the field of health and health education in Latin America and also improve your comunicating ability in the Portuguese Language. 


1st - Find your Program in the brochure .
If you intend to be a Visiting Research Student find a group in our Research Group.
2nd - Send the Application Form to reaii@bahiana.edu.br. 

3rd - You will receive from BAHIANA:
(a) confirmation of vacancy
(b) Registration Form
(c) Fee (PayPal) – not refunded
(d) required documents to be enrolled.

4th - Send to reaii@bahiana.edu.br:
(a) Registration Form filled and signed
(b) fee payment copy
(c) copies of the required documents.
5th - You will receive from the BAHIANA:
(a) Letter of Acceptance from the Coordinator of you choose program, course or research group
(b) the program calendar
(c) tuition invoice to be paid until 45 days before you start.