I International Seminar of Graduate Programs pays homage to Prof. Dr. Carlos Marcílio de Souza


The event took place at the Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health Cabula Academic Unit), coordinated by associate graduate professor Dr.Luis Cláudio Correa. The objective was to share the international dialogue on research that BAHIANA is partnering. A study was conducted with Dr. João Lima of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) on the evaluation of cardiovascular risk factors among the indigenous of Bahia’s countryside communities.
Professor Gustavo Barcelar from the University of Porto (Portugal) spoke about the use of information technology in health, a theme that is the focus of a project that is being developed with BAHIANA's specialization course in Distance Education with professors from both universities 

Another invited researcher - DR. Guy Hembroff - from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), presented technological resources in health used for care, teaching and research (telemedicine, telediagnosis and 3D modeling for anatomical parts). In addition a partnership and exchange between students and teachers of both institutions was proposed.

On this occasion, Prof. Marcílio de Souza, a renowned researcher at the school, was honored posthumously.