Health Education Practices (Candeal Program)

Health Education Practices (Candeal Program)

International Extension Programs

Health Education Practices 
(Candeal Program)

Some characteristics:
- Participation in the planning of interdisciplinary activities of education in health, for groups of children, adolescents, adults and/or elderlies, in groups of students from the health courses at Bahiana and professor/supervisor.
- Visits to different communities getting to know social determinants of health in Brazil, and learning strategies for teaching health for the low-income population.
- Participation in up to three groups of communitarian actions (after the application, there will send a list of available groups in the school year).

- Undergraduate student of all health programs (since 2nd term)
- Basic or Intermediate level of Portuguese language

- Community facilities; crèches, public schools, family care health center, anti-smoking control groups, educational works in waiting rooms (many clinics), asylums, treatment center for HTLV, communitarian NGOs.

Weekly working hours: 16h

Period of program:
8 weeks (Start: March and August)