Psychology Practices Move

Psychology Practices Move

International Extension Programs

Psychology Practices Move

Some characteristics:
Move in different fields of the practice of a psychologist: welcoming the patient, psycho-educational activities in waiting rooms, domiciliary visit, case studies and group activities in multi professional teams, psychological and neuropsychological evaluation, pre and post-surgery attending to children and elderlies; following and development of Young apprentices, participation in a program of Health of the Worker. The activities happen along the year. Then, a student who is in mobility will attend those that are offered in the period they can choose.

- Undergraduate Psychology student (since 7th term)
- Basic level of Portuguese language

- Unit of Attention to Family Health Care
- Ophthalmologic Hospital
- Human Resources
- Clinic of Psychology: Psychodiagnostics and neuropsychological evaluation

Weekly working hours: 12h

Period of program:
10 weeks each move (Start in February and August)