This Bachelor of Biomedicine is a program which main goal is to educate for the human and environmental health field, based on a humanistic approach, training its students to work on activities such as cytological, environmental, clinical analysis, diagnostic imaging centers and scientific research. The undergrad program is found on the scientific and intellectual rigor and also guided by solid, ethical principles and the most up-to-dated technological advances in science. As professionals, our students will be aware of the importance of socio-economical, ethical and cultural aspects of the communities where they will be working on. We also believe they will be able of effective acting to solve human and environmental health-related issues. 

Physical Education

The graduation of professionals of Physical Education in Bahiana is guided by humanistic, ethical, moral, social and aesthetic values. It stimulates the skills to identify social demands and fosters the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of the students. It makes them able to plan, prescribe, teach, guide, advise, supervise, monitor and evaluate physical, recreational and sports activities programs and projects in various development environments for these activities - such as clinics, hospitals, communities, multidisciplinary health teams and others in primary health care. 


The Bachelor of Nursing is a program to graduate critical professionals with capacity to work ethically, participating in health promotion activities, and in the prevention of individual, family, community and workplaces issues. The nurses graduated by the Bahiana are able to work in different healthcare sets of the public or private sectors, aware of their responsibility and social commitment. 


The Physiotherapy program is a bachelor’s degree organized over nine semesters, with an interdisciplinary approach. The theoretical courses along the semesters flows along, applied practice and supervised internships within hospital, basic and specialized health care services, and within community. Practice activities and internships make up more than 60% of the total workload.

The curriculum design views health as a transverse axis linked to man’s well-being, which should be treated throughout the course of the evolutionary cycles of human life. Under supervision, students are given the chance to attend to patients directly, leaving them better prepared for the labour market. 


Bahiana's Bachelor of Medicine diploma is 6 years, with 150 admissions per semester. Biomedical and health issues are taken from the perspective of the social determinants of health and disease, considering the health care of individuals, groups and communities. Those are analyzed from the point of view of human and social sciences as indispensable knowledge for the understanding of human beings and their social, cultural, economic, behavioral, psychological, ecological and philosophical relationships. For this reason, doctors trained at Bahiana are general practitioners who understand human beings as a result of their interaction between biopsychosocial and environmental factors and are capable of working in different health contexts. They are trained to provide comprehensive care to patients, families and the community and to work competently in multiprofessional teams. 


The Bachelor of Dentistry at Bahiana has a solid and broad theoretical base combined with intensive laboratory and ambulatory training (80% of the total course hours). Performing clinical care initiated in the 4th semester of the course, with specialized clinical practices and integrated in the Dental Health Center of Bahiana, they also take place in stages within the community, including a residency in a dental hospital. In Brazil, residency for dentistry is offered by several educational institutions.

The professionals graduated in Bahiana have a reputation for highly qualified professionals who are well prepared for the challenges of the labor market. Starting from the biological, health, human, social and dental sciences, the courses favor the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes related to comprehensive health care at the individual and collective levels, and based on scientific evidence and the epidemiological profile of the population. 

Dentistry Undergraduate Program


The Bachelor of Psychology is a 5-year program with a structure of theoretical courses integrated with supervised practices and internships. Psychologists trained by Bahiana can work in the psychosocial, psychodynamic, institutional and community areas, in addition to scientific research, mainly in the field of public health. From the beginning and during the five years of graduation, students come into contact with the fields of action available for each semester, facing the complexity and routine of the different levels of a psychological intervention. Includes internships and residences (Human Resources, Family Health Unit, Outpatient and Hospital), available in the ninth semester.