International Programs

International Programs

Our mission is to open doors for a global dialogue that fosters collaboration and cultural exchange between students and in the field of health.

If you study in a Graduate or Undergraduate program at another country and you want to take advantage of our programs for international students, you can enroll in any extension practice of an Experiential Education, also in a Visiting Research Student program or attend to any Course of the Continuing Studies including Portuguese as a Second Language (PSL).

In doing so, you can have experiential learns in health care, community health promotion and education activities, and/or interact with our research groups.

This is an opportunity to enrich your academic life in the field of health care and health education in Latin America. More over you may also improve your ability in the Portuguese Language if you apply for the Portuguese Language course.

Experiential Education

This program consists of short-term internships for international students in the  Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Biomedicine, Nursing or Physical Education Programs.

The internships may happen in different unites of health care at Bahiana Saúde (Bahiana’s Health) and each international student has an advisor professor. It is possible to register in more than one internship since there is not an overlapping of schedule.

NOTE: International students from partner universities may attend an internship not offered by the program you signed up for, it is possible to do it as an elective practice.  For further information, please contact


Continuing Studies


Do I need to know Portuguese to participate in the Programs?

All programs require a basic knowledge of Portuguese to participate, in case of non-proficiency in Portuguese, the student can attend as an observership.